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 Receiver Information for Donation

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PostSubject: Receiver Information for Donation   Wed May 01, 2013 9:34 pm

Basic Step to Send a Money in Smartmoney | Smart Padala

1. Go to the nearest Smart Money | Smart Retailer.

2. Give the Smartmoney Number where will you send the Money and the Amount to be Send..

[Admin] Semaj Kingi
Smartmoney Number: 5299-6734-0924-6116

[Admin] Hayuki
Smartmoney Number: 5299-6726-0664-2119

3. After Sending. Ask for the Store Representative the Reference Number of your Tratnsaction. or you can tell to them to send the whole|full text of the transaction.

  • The Reference Number is the Important Information in Smartmoney Transaction. it will show that you are the Owner of the Money that will receive of the Receiver.

  • Make sure that you are the only one. will know the Reference Number.

  • although make it sure that reference number that you have will be match in the reference number that they have the Receiver.

5. Go to the Server Agent Representative. and tell about your Donation. [Admin] Hayuki

Donation Note: Players will not Forcing to Donate for the Server. it's upto you if you want to Donate.

That's all Guys lol!
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Receiver Information for Donation
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