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 Zone Hunter Facebook Group Rules and Regulation

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PostSubject: Zone Hunter Facebook Group Rules and Regulation    Wed May 01, 2013 8:03 pm

First Of All:

"This is RZAH game server Group, Advertising other ran online servers is prohibited and might be a reason of kick."

1. Respect Our Group.
2. Group Admins Decisions are Final.
3. On those forums we should help each other.
4. No Spamming / Harassing Other Member may lead you to be kicked..
5. Don't Ever Spam in Our Group, If you have something to tell just post it once, Then if no one response just comment the word ""UP"".
6. Foul words is Prohibited.
7. Having multiple account in this group will make you kicked as well.

Punishment : Depends on your mistakes. lol!
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Zone Hunter Facebook Group Rules and Regulation
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